Jim Carrey As The Riddler Again? Here's What He Has To Say

Batman Forever landed the ultimate casting coup of its time when they cast Jim Carrey in the role of Edward Nygma, who would go on to be better known as The Riddler. Even naysayers who weren't so pleased with the overall film should be able to admit that he was one of the more fun and functional components to the film's plot, despite what others may have thought. We really haven't seen much of The Riddler, save for this year's break out hit Gotham, but if there were a day that the character would return to the screen, would Carrey want to come back for another round? The answer is, not really.

MTV UK recently dropped an interview with Jim Carrey to promote the international release of Dumb And Dumber To, and obviously with all of the DC universe formation going on as of late, the question was asked if Carrey would be willing to take up the green suit once more. Carrey's answer noted enthusiasm, but not really in repeating past successes, as you'll see in the quote below.

"I'd love to work in the new, graphic novel versions of the movie. I don't know about reprising the role, I don't know if Chris Nolan would go for that. I'd love to work with him."

Despite Christopher Nolan's functional absence in the DC Cinematic Continuum, it's a fair bet that the clout he has over Zack Snyder's decision making process would rule out a Jim Carrey/Riddler reprise. Particularly because, as you'll see in the video below, this sort of Riddler isn't exactly the type you'd find in a Nolan picture.

If anything, The Riddler would have been much less silly, and much more reclusive and menacing in Nolan's hands. Should the Dark Knight Trilogy have extended itself past its third entry, it wouldn't be hard to imagine Nolan using the character as a cypher to explore the post-Wikileaks society we live in today, with The Riddler being a stand in for Julian Assange. Whether he'd have been up for it or not, Nolan would have been a fool not to at least try and get Jim Carrey to try out for that part, as he more than likely could have pulled it off.

A more interesting prospect though is the aborted Howard Hughes biopic that Jim Carrey and Christopher Nolan were working on, before ultimately deciding not to compete with Martin Scorsese's The Aviator. Carrey goes on to talk about this project a little bit in the rest of the interview, capping his remarks off with enthusiasm to try and get that project up off the ground some day. Here's hoping that day comes soon, as a Carrey/Nolan collaboration could lead to some well deserved golden attention for the two vastly overlooked talents.

Dumb And Dumber To should be in a theater near you, but might be leaving this week to make room for Annie. Check with your local theater accordingly.

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