Joe Dirt 2 Is Bringing Back All These Cast Members

After years and years of making fans wait, Sony Pictures and David Spade have been making moves to bring the magic of Joe Dirt back to its fans. Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser has been in the pipeline since early last year, and it's set to become what Sony Pictures Television has labeled as, "the first ever made-for-digital sequel to a major motion picture" thanks to its plans to distribute through Crackle . While Spade was obviously game for returning, and Christopher Walken is back for the ride as well, there was always a question of just who else would be willing to return as well.

We now have the answer to that burning question, as an official press releases from Sony has been issued, and it lists that not only are David Spade and Christopher Walken obviously in, but so are their Joe Dirt co-stars Dennis Miller, Brittany Daniel, and Adam Beach. The three returning co-stars are coming back in their respective roles from the original film, so fans will be pleased to see what Xander, Brandy, and Kicking Wing have been up to for the past 14 years. Ah yes... do you remember the first time you saw the trailer for Joe Dirt? You will when you rewatch it below. (Note: CinemaBlend is not responsible for any adverse flashbacks while watching the Joe Dirt trailer. You've been warned.)

Remember when, "from the producing team that brought you Deuce Bigelow," meant something?

Of course, fresh blood is needed to keep any burgeoning franchise afloat, and as such there are two new additions to the roster for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. Appearing for their first time in the Joe Dirt saga are former Sugar Ray frontman and Extra host Mark McGrath, as well as David Spade's former Rules Of Engagement co-star Patrick Warburton. As of this moment, their respective roles are under wraps, along with any sort of in-depth details on the story to Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. In fact, here are the exact details that Sony Pictures Television have given us to work with:

The long-awaited sequel to the Columbia Pictures cult favorite comedy will pick-up where the first film left off, following the comedic misadventures of the mullet-clad, lovable redneck, Joe Dirt.

Considering the first Joe Dirt ends with everyone living happily ever after, and Joe being a media sensation with his life story becoming public knowledge, it's a distinct possibility that Joe's new found fame could lead to a movie deal – which could explain the presence of Mark McGrath in the film. As for Patrick Warburton's possible role in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, you can pretty much peg him in any sort of spot in the film and he'd work. Joe's new meathead bodyguard? He could do it. An artsy director making the Hollywood version of Joe's life story, which could explain the Beautiful Loser subtitle? Give him a beret and he'd take a crack at it. His inclusion in the film is in every way good news.

Whatever story Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser has to tell, you'll be able to watch it unfold on Crackle at some point this summer.

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