With the first trailer for Suicide Squad being leaked out of Comic Con, it’s hard not to get excited about David Ayer’s entry into the DC cinematic realm. One aspect in particular that had audiences pleasantly surprised is the first official appearance of Jared Leto’s incarnation of The Joker. While we’ve seen set photos, and even that "promotional photo" that showed off the Joker’s new tattoos, we haven’t seen the man himself in action until now.

With the official trailer released in glorious HD, we’ve gotten a nice and up-close look at Leto’s version of The Joker, as well as the rest of the team, and we’re intrigued. One of the reasons we’re so pleased with what we’ve seen is the fact that David Ayer’s Joker is familiar to die hard fans, yet different enough that everyone has something new to look forward to. With that in mind, join us as we take a look at Jared Leto’s Joker as he compares to the Jokers of the past.

The Voice
If there was any one influence that could be singled out for Jared Leto's vocal performance as The Joker, it would have to be Heath Ledger. While Cesar Romero and Mark Hamill took lighter pitched approaches to the clown prince of crime’s dialogue, Jack Nicholson started the trend of adding a more psychotic tinge to Joker’s one liners. While Nicholson still camped it up to a certain degree, he made the Joker a man to be reckoned with, and that’s something that even Hamill’s interpretation would build off of.

Of course, Ledger was the first to get truly disturbed with his voice, and Leto seems to follow a similar pattern of speech and cadence. The big difference in Jared Leto’s vocals though is that his laugh is more deliberate and drawn out. If anything, it almost sounds like a laugh being pushed through a sensation of physical pain, as opposed to the giddy or manic laughs his predecessors have displayed.

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