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With Batman Begins clearly establishing itself as one of the best comic book movies ever, studio execs are quickly trying to line up the pieces for the sequel. The Joker is all but confirmed as Batman’s adversary. This time around, we won’t have a cutesy version who steals the movie from the hero. Expect to see the murderous villain in all his Technicolor glory.

But who will play him? We’ve heard rumors of Mark Hamill (my sentimental choice), Jude Law, and many actors. According to a studio source, Sneak Peak: Joker has learned that a clear front runner for the role has emerged and his name is Vincent Cassel.

Cassel, the star of Brotherhood of the Wolf and Ocean’s 12, “has the aquiline 'Joker' look as well as the 'genre' film experience,” according to the source. Uh, I have no idea what the hell aquiline means [Josh's Note: It means he looks like Aquaman] but let me argue why I think Cassel is a great choice. He’s very talented actor who can pull of the maniacally evil of the Joker. Also, he “looks” like the Joker with his long angular face [Josh's Note: Aquiline?]. Cassel is married to actress Monica Bellucci. and while that has nothing to do with the film, she’s a hottie. So deal.

Batman Begins 2: Begins Harder should start production in 2006 with a probably 2007 release.