Jon Hamm Surprised That Jon Hamm Has Been Rumored For Doctor Strange

Everyone wants to be in a Marvel movie, whether they know it or not. At least, that's what the internet would have you believe, as it reports people being offered, rejecting, or even hinting at projects they may or may not have even heard of. In the case of Jon Hamm, there's been an odd buzz going around that he's in contention for the role of Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel Studios film of the same name. This might come as a surprise to you, but it was even more of a surprise to Hamm himself when he was recently asked about it.

Digital Spy had Hamm on camera for an interview promoting Million Dollar Arm's UK release next week. In his interview, the Mad Men star was rather taken aback by the rumor that he'd been talking to Marvel at all.

"The funny thing about the internet, is you can have rumors go out about possible jobs and possible things that... I had no idea. Maybe? I know. It's funny when the internet knows more about you than you do."

Keep in mind, Jon Hamm seemed a little bit flustered when answering questions on this matter, so I'd be willing to believe that he hasn't been talking to Marvel Studios about this role just yet. However, he was willing to offer an alternate theory as to why this false news might be making the rounds. His opinion was that, "...maybe the internet was talking to Marvel, I don't know." You can watch the entire clip below and see for yourself just how the normally cool Jon Hamm trips up just a little bit when dealing with the realm of superheroes.

The internet does talk to Marvel a lot, and even Kevin Feige has to listen to the public's demands at some point. But have any of you out there heard this Jon Hamm rumor first hand from any other source? It feels like something that was cooked up fast and loose on the spot, and it was frankly surprising that this was even considered in a world that seems pretty intent on fighting out Team Hardy vs. Team Cumberbatch to the death. Putting the point to bed once and for all, Hamm had this to say.

"I certainly wasn't approached by it, but I do like Doctor Strange. He's a very cool character."

Rumor aside, I think Jon Hamm could make an excellent Doctor Strange. The Robert Downey Jr. team up alone would print money once he gets familiar with The Avengers, and Hamm could use a star-making vehicle to transition him into full time film work. At least if this doesn't pan out, there's always Shane Black's Remo Williams revival to consider.

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