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Iron Man 3 Director To Revive The Remo Williams Series

If you were to run across the book Bodies Are Where You Find Them by Brett Halliday, you would probably not even give it a second glance, unless you're a hardcore noir fan. However, if I were to tell you that it was the basis for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the 2006 cult classic that basically handed Shane Black the Iron Man 3 gig, you'd be much more familiar with that title. Surprise surprise, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was loosely adapted from that very book, and Black looks to be bringing another obscure book series to the big screen. Except this time, it actually has a previous film to compete with.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures has selected Shane Black to direct The Destroyer, based on the series of novels featuring 80's action hero Remo Williams. In case you think that name rings a bell, it should, as Fred Ward brought the role to life in the 1985 film Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Check out the trailer below to jog your memory, or introduce yourself.

A quick lesson in Remo Williams: he was a New Jersey cop, framed for a crime he didn't commit, and was executed for said crime. One would think the story would end there, but of course he was resurrected and trained to be a super spy for the top secret organization known as CURE. Part comedy, part action-adventure, the Remo Williams series looks like a perfect avenue for Shane Black to hone his action/comedy chops once again. The script was written by Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls, and Destroyer series co-author James Mullaney, so a degree of authenticity (as well as smart assed action) is to be expected. This isn't the first time this project has been mentioned for revival, but with Shane Black signed on as the director, it's looking more likely that the series will move forward this time.

If there were ever a project that could keep Robert Downey Jr. working, while allowing him to leave his Marvel gig clean, it would be this one. Since Downey and Black are already comfortable working together, and this film looks to have a lot of the same elements that made Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a success, this could be another slam dunk for Team Downey. It is also severely unlikely, as Downey has been extremely loyal to Marvel, and is more than likely going to continue making Iron Man movies in the future. That said, it's time to bring someone to the table that has a similar skill set, but could use a couple of runs batted into the win column.

Which is why I nominate Ryan Reynolds for the role of Remo Williams. The guy deserves a break after all of the stuff he's been through professionally, he's old enough, fit enough, and funny enough to take the role; and most of all – you could probably get him to sign on for at least three films right from the start. I've still got faith in the man, and this could be the project to bring him back into the pink! Of course, no production schedule or release date are mentioned at this time, so there's plenty of time for Shane Black to find someone else for the gig.

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