Joss Whedon Promises 'Death, Death And More Death' In The Avengers 2

Joss Whedon has one particular quirk that occasionally makes it hard to be a Joss Whedon fan. While many writers get over-attached to their most beloved characters, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator has a long history of breaking hearts by killing off fan favorites. The emotional impact of these deaths is a credit to Whedon's ability to craft such amazing, deep characters, but it's still crushing nonetheless. So when he first became seriously involved with the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there were many who let out a silent, "Uh oh," to express worry about the safety of their favorite superheroes. That worry, as it turns out, was not unfounded.

AICN recently discovered some news out of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival where Whedon revealed the grim theme he has planned for the upcoming sequel The Avengers 2. When a fan asked him for an update on his next directorial effort, the filmmaker replied, "I can’t do any bigger, so I’m trying to do better." But it was his response to the follow-up question about the film's philosophy that has us troubled: "Death, Death and more Death!"

It's most certainly worth noting that the rumored villain for The Avengers 2, the Mad Titan known as Thanos (the purple dude seen in the post-credits sequence of the last Marvel movie), is actually in love with a physical manifestation of Death that actually exists in the Marvel universe, but I still think we can expect that not everyone is going to make it alive out of The Avengers 2. All of the actors involved do have contracts that will eventually expire, and it's not like any death in the comic book world is ever permanent anyway. But I think it's safe to assume that there may be some tears at play come May 1, 2015.

For now, however, to read about everything we know about The Avengers 2, head over HERE.

Eric Eisenberg
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