Joss Whedon Says He Knew Avengers 2 Plot Before He Made Avengers

Success breeds more success. Nowhere is that old and wise phrase more proven than inside the Marvel Universe. While other comic book franchises spin their heels, the superheroes who collectively make up The Avengers just keep churning out sweet movie after sweet movie, like a motivated chef plating shawarma. Obviously, a healthy percentage of that success has to do with picking the right actors, directors and screenwriters, but in my estimation, an even healthier percentage of it should be chalked up to incredible planning, meticulous attention to detail and collaborative, forward-thinking environment the studio has implemented.

Speaking to Entertainmen Tonight, Joss Whedon told the outlet he’s now consulting on all the Avengers-related projects, which is a good thing because he’s had a very specific vision of where he wants to take The Avengers 2 for years.

”I didn’t think I was going to do the second, but I had an idea for it before I even figured out (how to do) the first one.”

Each of the Marvel characters have specific tones their movies try to strike, but overall, there’s a wonderful cohesiveness that tethers its way through each of the projects. Even without The Avengers or The Avengers 2, they would seem interlinked, at least in spirit. So, while we may be finding out Whedon came up with the Avengers 2 plot as he was writing Avengers 1 for the first time, none of us should be particularly surprised. Through hard work and good common sense, Marvel has started feeling almost Pixar-esque.

Here’s to hoping the quality continues for years to come.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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