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The unholy marriage of Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow’s comedy stylings now has an official release date: July 24, 2015.

That’s when Variety reports Trainwreck will open in theaters. As we reported earlier, Apatow will write and direct the picture, which will focus on "a basket case who tries to rebuild her life." He and Schumer have been developing the screenplay for some time now. Back in November, THR noted that Apatow was looking to cast a boyfriend for Schumer, a best friend/colleague part (hello, Leslie Mann), and a parent (there's no indication if they are looking for a mother or father). So it sounds like Apatow will make Trainwreck fit a mold that shaped This Is 40 and Knocked Up, with a strong family/friend influence in a sure-to-be-raunchy R-rated comedy.

The Variety story didn’t have a lot to add, only that Apatow’s movies usually bow in the summer months, with This Is 40 being the exception that proves the rule. The director’s two biggest hits, according to BoxOfficeMojo, are Knocked Up and Virgin, so it’s possible that Universal is banking on a lucky slot for Apatow’s audience. Either way, the movie should begin filming soon to stay on target for that release date.

Trainwreck currently owns that weekend. It will compete against massive superhero properties in the surrounding weekends, though. Zack Snyder’s Batman-Superman movie drops in theaters on July 17. And the week after Apatow’s movie, audiences likely will be bellying up for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, scheduled for July 31.

Are you familiar with Schumer? You should be by this point. The filthy but freaking hysterical stand-up comic has been making a name for herself on the Comedy Central roasts, where she has eviscerated C-list celebs like Charlie Sheen and Steve-O. The network gave her a sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, which has featured numerous inspire bits (which I’ll share below). A starring role in an Apatow movie should turn Schumer into a household name. Let’s just hope stardom doesn’t change her approach to comedy, because her honesty is invaluable.

These are extremely NSFW!