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Judd Apatow Has Spied Paul Rudd Suited Up As Ant-Man

Less than a month has passed since Marvel announced Paul Rudd will leap into action as Ant-Man in Edgar Wright's upcoming adventure, but already some form of his superhero suit has been given a test run. Apparently, Rudd shared a look at himself all suited up with buddy and collaborator Judd Apatow, who dished about it on the Girls red carpet.

Speaking to MTV, Apatow said:

"I've already seen [Rudd suited up] in our personal lives together, but I'm super excited for him. There's nothing more fun than being allowed into that Marvel world. And to see Paul kick ass, I'm ready. It's about time."

Infuriatingly, this reporter didn’t press for details on which incarnation of Ant-Man Rudd is set play, instead asking if the Anchorman 2 star made a sensible pick for a superhero. Apatow affirmed, "He's always been a superhero of my life and work, so it's not unexpected."

Thankfully, we got an idea of what Wright's interpretation of Ant-Man will look like when test footage was teased.

Earlier this week, Wright added fuel to the fire of speculation as to which incarnation of Ant-Man Rudd was set to play, teasing source material that involves two potential Ant-Men. One is biophysicist Hank Pym, who has his superhero-making Pym Particles stolen by a sly thief/devoted dad. That crooked father is Scott Lang, another eventual Ant-Man. But which will Rudd play? If you believe IMDB's latest update, it's Pym. But as that site is reliant on user submissions, take that update with a grain of salt until Marvel officially confirms.

Ant-Man's screenplay is being penned by Wright and Joe Cornish, the writer-director of the celebrated 2011 sci-fi comedy Attack The Block. Set to hit theaters after The Avengers sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, this newly launched superhero actioner will kick off Phase Three of Marvel's expanding cinematic universe. In the clip below, Wright admits the script is still a work in progress, confessing he and Cornish have submitted their third draft to Marvel.

"There's some concept stuff and an animatic. And we're really excited," Wright tells MTV's Josh Horowitz. "But you know in the time since we've been involved in Ant-Man, between the two of us (myself and Cornish), we've made three movies. But the fact that we keep returning to that project is that we're excited about it and think it could be really cool."

Ant-Man is slated to hit theaters on July 13th, 2015.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.