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If one of the things you really got attached to in the original Jurassic Park was the experience of the two wide-eyed kids, you're going to have a lot to look forward to in Jurassic World. The film is reportedly on the verge of adding Nick Robinson, star of this summer's indie darling The Kings of Summer, in a lead role. This comes just a day after another report that Ty Simpkins, the child actor from Iron Man 3, was also in talks for a role.

Variety, which broke the news about Robinson's role, says Simpkins and Bryce Dallas Howard are in talks for roles, but doesn't make mention of Jake Johnson, who was also rumored for a potential part yesterday. They do note that, "like many other actors for this film," director Colin Trevorrow and the producers had Robinson in mind for a part before the film delayed its release earlier this summer, going from ludicrous plans for a June 2014 release to a much more manageable June 12, 2015. Iron Man 3 was barely in theaters at that point, but had screened for enough Hollywood people, and Kings of Summer was earning buzz from its Sundance debut in January. Having come out of that festival himself with a modest hit in Safety Not Guranteed, Trevorrow was smart enough to look to that festival for promising young actors to run screaming away from giant dinosaurs. Quite seriously, that sounds like every kid's dream.

Kristy called Kings of Summer the best film of the year so far back in July, and the movie has won plenty of fans all over, which meant Robinson was destined for big things. But Jurassic World is about as big as it gets. Can he live up to the kid actors at the center of the original Jurassic Park? Will anybody be able to scream as loud as Ariana Richards did? The gauntlet has been thrown!

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