Jurassic World High-Heel Controversy Finally Put To Rest By Bryce Dallas Howard

Jurassic World was the hit of the summer and almost certainly the year. Movie fans the world over have loved it, and it has been universally praised as a fantastic movie. Well, except for one thing. There was a single item in the movie that many fans of the film took issue with. Bryce Dallas Howard’s high heels. She spends the entire movie in them, including traipsing through the jungle and running from hungry dinosaurs.

How does that make any sense? Well, according to the actress it does. Ultimately it comes down to a single question, would being barefoot have been that much better? Howard doesn’t think so. She recently addressed the issue with Yahoo Movies UK, stating:

From a logical standpoint I don’t think she would take off her heels. I don’t think she would choose to be barefoot. I don’t think she would run faster barefoot in the jungle with vines and stones...I’m better equipped to run when I have shoes on my feet. So that’s my perspective on it. I don’t think she would carry around flats with her. I think she’s somebody who could sprint a marathon in heels.

Bryce Dallas Howard says the high heels made more sense for her character than being barefoot. The point is probably a valid one. While many people might be able to run perfectly well in bare feet, others can’t and if we’re going to be making assumptions about the character of Claire, she probably lives in those heels and doesn’t spend a lot of time on the treadmill in bare feet. While the heels might not be the best option, they may very well have been the best available one. If anybody can run a marathon in heels, it’s probably her.

Howard also says the high-heel question was a frustrating one at first because people seemed to be paying more attention to the heels than her performance. However, since she actually did do all the running in the film in the heels, she now feels she has earned a badge of honor. It was apparently an issue of concern during filming, as it certainly was possible that Howard could have hurt herself while doing all the running in high heels.

We really don’t need a perfect explanation about the validity of running in high heels when the thing you’re running from is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This answer works well enough for us. How about you?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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