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Justin Long Makes A Urine Connection In For A Good Time, Call... Clip

The phone-sex comedy For a Good Time, Call … rang up positive reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, and has been building steady buzz as its heads to its Aug. 31 limited release. But Focus Features needs to remind audiences that it’s not all empowering, girl-power togetherness running through this comedy. Jamie Travis’ film can be a little raunchy, as well. And so, we get a new Red-Band clip to share. Check it out below:

The urine scene they are talking about in the clip above is referenced in the trailer below, so fire that up next to get a better idea of what happened between natural enemies Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) before Justin Long paired them as roommates. Here’s the backstory:

As the trailer suggests, the ladies eventually team up in an amateur phone-sex operation to help them afford their ridiculous Manhattan rent. Instead of being filthy, though, Good Time reminds us much more of films like Calendar Girls or The Full Monty, where inherently good people used sex and nudity to better their situations, instead of exploiting obvious circumstances. From everything that we’re hearing, Graynor and Miller also have fantastic comedic chemistry together. Find out soon enough. Focus Features is rolling For a Good Time into select theaters next week with a wider rollout planned for Sept. 7. Check back to the site then for our full review.

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