No offense to screenwriters, but Justin Theroux is too hot to be one of them. The actor known for roles on Six Feet Under or in Charlie's Angels 2 went the writer route with his script for Tropic Thunder, and also contributed his skills to Iron Man 2.

But happily for everyone, he hasn't given up acting entirely. There are interviews with David and supervising animator Bruce Smith, talking about how they incorporated David's movements into the character and established him as pure evil THR is reporting that he'll play the villainous sorcerer in Your Highness, the Danny McBride vehicle in which McBride plays a spoiled, stoned prince of a kingdom who is forced to grow up and fight the bad guy.

Theroux's character will kidnap the princess played by Zooey Deschanel, who McBride's character must rescue. The cast is already awesome, boasting James Franco and Natalie Portman as well. Theroux going all villain just about completes the package.

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