Justin Timberlake is definitely coming along as an actor, but he does need to work a bit on consistency. While The Social Network was amazing and Bad Teacher was surprisingly funny, he also has titles like Yogi Bear and In Time on his resume from the last two years. The key may be for him to start working with more talented people. The singer-turned-actor has already signed on for a part in the Coen brothers' next film, Inside Llewyn Davis, and now he's teaming up with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams for Trouble With The Curve.

Variety says that Timberlake has signed on for the baseball drama, which will be the first time that Eastwood has starred in a film he didn't direct since 1993's In The Line of Fire. Instead, the movie is being helmed by Robert Lorenz, who is Eastwood's production partner at Malpaso Productions. The story, written by Randy Brown. follows an aging baseball scout (Eastwood) who is losing his sight. Knowing he is at the end of his career, he decides to take a road trip to Atlanta with his daughter (Adams)to check out a hot prospect. Timberlake will play another scout named Johnny Flanagan, who works for the New York Yankees. The story suggests that he could end up being the love interest for Adams' character.

Timberlake has shown that he has the talent to be a real actor and it's great to see him take on roles like this. I'm still not sure if he's ready to be a leading man, but there's no better way to cut your teeth than by playing supporting roles in movies like this.

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