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Every week during the summer Hollywood releases at least one, big budget, door-busting blockbuster. Those aren’t the only new movies in theaters though, there’s usually two or three others released at the same time that no one remembers. Every once in awhile there’s a Mamma Mia or a Little Miss Sunshine, but most of the time if you release your movie up against Iron Man you’ll probably end up as Mother and Child. Yeah, I don’t remember what that movie was either.

This summer Kat Dennings will be in both types of movies at the same time. On May 6th, she’ll be Natalie Portman’s snarky sidekick in Thor. That same day she’ll also show up in Daydream Nation, a movie in which she plays a seventeen year-old who moves to a new town and ends up in a love triangle between her boyfriend and a male teacher. Here’s the first trailer for Daydream Nation. Give it a watch.

This trailer makes it seem like an unfunny version of Easy A. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not trying to be funny, Daydream Nation is a drama after all and for some inexplicable reason I root for Kat Dennings. This seems like her bid to become the next Amanda Seyfried, though we can only hope Dennings will have the good sense to stay away from Catherine Hardwicke.

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