Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell Comedy Get Hard Adds Community's Alison Brie

Those of you who watch the NBC sitcom Community already know that Alison Brie is one of the funniest female comedic actors, but now she's ready to once again bring her talents to the big screen. Brie has become the latest to sign on for Get Hard, the new comedy in the works at Warner Bros. that is already set to star Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

Directed by Etan Cohen, the film will star Ferrell as a wealthy investment banker who gets screwed over when the feds bust him for a crime he didn't commit. With prison all but a certainty for him, he begins to fear that he is too weak to be locked in with murderers and needs to toughen up. In order to learn how, the investment banker goes to the guy who washes his car (Hart) for guidance. Deadline, which first reported the news of Brie's casting, says that the actress will be playing Ferrell's character's fiancee - though the site doesn't specify exactly how she will fit into the larger plot. While it may be a bit of a trope, I'm kind of hoping that she ends up playing a gold-digger type, if not only because I think it would be a funny role for Brie. And what does a gold-digger do when her rich soon-to-be husband gets carted off to jail?

Not only do I expect that Brie will be a natural fit with both Ferrell and Hart's comedic stylings, it's also funny to note that she already shares credits with both of the actors. Earlier this year both Brie and Ferrell lent their voices to the animated The LEGO Movie (playing Unikitty and Lord/President Business, respectively) and in 2012 both Brie and Hart played supporting roles in the Nick Stoller comedy The Five-Year Engagement (though, if memory serves, they didn't actually have any scenes together).

Brie gets to regularly stretch her dramatic acting muscles appearing in the occasional episode of Mad Men, but over the last five years Community has really been where her greatest strengths have been on display. Playing the uptight, somewhat crazy Annie Edison, Brie can be paired with any scene partner and play the straight-man or the goof and get laughs just about every time. You can watch some of her best moments below:

Coming up Brie is starring alongside Krysten Ritter in the Scot Armstrong-written/directed comedy Search Party, and has also completed work on Nick Wernham's indie No Stranger Than Love with Colin Hanks and Justin Chatwin.

Warner Bros. has announced that they will be releasing Get Hard on March 27, 2015, which means that production will probably start up in the next few months. Stay tuned for more casting news!

Eric Eisenberg
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