Kevin Hart Is Pissed About Those Leaked Sony Emails

The fallout over the Sony hack, and the confidential information included in leaked Sony emails, continues today – this time washing over comedian Kevin Hart. Following the news that Hart was called a "whore" by top Sony execs in a series of emails, the stand-up/actor took to Instagram to defend his actions and his reputation:

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Kevin Hart’s right. Over time, he has cultivated his "brand" image through hard work, a relentless schedule, and his having genuine talent (which many busy people actually do not have). The story seems to have sparked after Sony execs, in emails that have leaked, referred to Hart as a "whore" because he asked to get paid for a promotional Tweet. US Magazine has the quotes from Sony exec Clint Culpepper. In short, they claim Hart has been paid $7 million for his past two movies combined and not because of his actual acting ability.

Kevin Hart helped make money for multiple films distributed by Screen Gems, a subsidiary of Sony. The execs are referring to the Think Like a Man movies, of which Hart was the undisputed star.

Since then, though, Hart has branched off, making money for Universal in the Ride Along film (which is getting a sequel), then taking his talents to Warner Bros. for Get Hard with Will Ferrell. This, in addition, to the audiences he brings to theaters for his stand-up routines and movies. Kevin Hart is a brand… but his brand also includes a new tarnish courtesy of these never-ending Sony leaks.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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