Kevin Hart Fails To Make Josh Gad Look Cooler in The Wedding Ringer

Wedding Ringer 1

Kevin Hart is in everything. He has a new movie opening on Friday, the sequel Think Like a Man Too. He’s still counting dollars earned from the one-two punch of Ride Along and About Last Night. And he’s prepping his fanbase for his next comedy, Jeremy Garelick’s The Wedding Ringer, which just unveiled a trio of fresh images.

USA Today has the exclusive first-look images for The Wedding Ringer, which teams Kevin Hart with Frozen star Josh Gad for a comedy about wedding mishaps and miscommunications. As Hart explains, his character in the movie runs a business where grooms hire his services to pose as a best man and make the employer look like "one of the most amazing people in the world." Gad plays Doug, a dork who is trying his best to impress his wedding-obsessed fiancée (played by The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). So he hires Hart and the full groomsmen ensemble – dubbed The Golden Tux — only things don’t go as planned.

Maybe because Kevin Hart’s character can’t lay off the champagne?

Wedding Ringer 2

Josh Gad said that working on the film helped him realize that this is a serious marital niche that needs to be filled… and that Kevin Hart’s actually perfect for it, should comedy eventually fail him.

I know guys and girls who struggle to put together a killer wedding party. And if Kevin ever falls on hard times, which is possible, he could parlay his movie career into something even bigger.''

Chances of Kevin Hart falling on bad times are slim. The dude won’t stop working, as Hollywood’s enamored with the idea of pairing him with comedic talents for potential projects. He’s a major part of Chris Rock’s directorial effort Finally Famous, about a comedian who agrees to turn his upcoming wedding into the basis of a reality-TV program. He’s filming the prison comedy Get Hard with Will Ferrell. And he’ll reteam with Ice Cube for the announced Ride Along 2.

Until then, he’ll make goofy faces with Josh Gad.

Wedding Ringer 3

The Wedding Ringer hits theaters in January 2015, which was a great slot for Kevin Hart’s Ride Along. Can lightning strike twice?

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