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Maybe it's a bad thing that Clerks II opened today and the only thing anyone is talking about is Kevin Smith vs. Joel Siegel, but as Kevin would say, fuck it. It's too good to ignore.

The great thing is that it's not over. The drama continues, and maybe if we're lucky, Joel Siegel and his puns will be driven right out of the business making room for someone willing to do real reviewing to take his place.

For those of you going "huh" right now, the controversy started when Siegel stormed out a Clerks II press screening 40 minutes into the film. Apparently the movie offended him. Rather than leave quietly, Siegel made a big show of leaving and made disparaging comments has he left, encouraging others to leave as well. Smith, ever the provocateur, then tattled on Siegel on his website.

It didn't end there. On Wednesday, Kevin Smith confronted Joel Siegel on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show. You have to hear it. Kevin has made an MP3 version of their confrontation available on his official site. Download it, and listen to Siegel make lame excuses for his incredibly unprofessional behavior here. Kevin characterizes him a child and apparently he objects to Smith calling what he did "non-professional".

And because we're not done having fun with the whole Siegel/Smith thing yet, Kevin posted the following hilarious fan trailer on his MySpace page. If only it was real. Come on, what better way to market the movie? Click on the video below and watch.