Kevin Smith Will Directly Address The Fake Batman v Superman Script Rumors

Kevin Smith has been an extremely busy man these days. In addition to working on his own films like Tusk, Helena Handbag, and Clerks 3, there's his unofficial position as press chief for DC Comics . Smith has found himself at the forefront of a lot of breaking news from the studio, which has lead a lot of people to think that maybe he's been hired by Warner Bros as the official smokescreen for Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. That rumor involves claims of a fake script Smith supposedly wrote for the studio. With the flurry of activity between the camps of belief and disbelief, now's the perfect time for the Fatman himself to clear the air and set us straight.

Kevin Smith plans to do just that at 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern), as he's teased such an event on his Twitter feed. The post that promises all the answers we'll ever need on the Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice conundrum reads as follows:

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While Mr. Smith is playing at being The Riddler, you can bet he's feeling more like a Joker at this point. Telling everyone to turn their attention to, presumably, his Twitter feed at a certain time today sounds a lot like something Heath Ledger would have done in The Dark Knight. Next thing you know, he's going to send a follow up tweet asking if we want to know how he got those scars. Reading the whole story of whether or not he's written a Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice decoy script at 140 character burst at a time sounds like one way today's informal press conference could be going. But then there's the second option: Smith could be briefing us through one of his podcasts.

Looking at the Smodcast Network's lineup, today is the day that Kevin Smith usually reserves to upload his infrequent updates to the SmodCast series he co-hosts with friend and producer Scott Mosier. While they did upload an update last week, it was a live show recorded at the end of June. It's not concrete, but there's a chance he may have taken time out to address the whole Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice story with one of his best friends (and probably his unofficial "witness" to his activity/inactivity on the DC Comics front.) Of course there's always Option C: an unvarnished, quick and to the point episode of Jay And Silent Bob Get Old that might sounds similar to the last time Jay and Silent Bob struck back on the Internet, as seen in this clip from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.

Whatever the near future holds, we'll be watching the clock and refreshing the Twitter page until 11 am PST/2 PM EST. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is on track to open May 6th, 2016.

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