Kick Ass 2 Set Photos Show Us Mother Russia, Her Giant Knife And Hit-Girl's Vehicle

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz in Kick-Ass 2
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Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall is set to begin production soon, and a recently tweeted photo gives us a peek at a new character. And when I said, "a peek," I mean, we don't actually get to see all of her. Other pictures from the set show us some costumes, a weapon, and Hit-Girl's ride.

Production on the sequel to Kick-Ass begins tomorrow, and director Jeff Wadlow has shared some photos from the set, which give us a few clues about the the film. This first picture gives us a look at Mother Russia… or her midsection and her muscular arms.

Wadlow's Tweet says, "2 days till we start shooting... and Chris just met Mother Russia!." Is she a good guy? Or is the fact that she's in the presence of Christopher Mintz-Plasse - who plays the villainous Red Mist - a hint that this woman is part of Kick-Ass' opposition? Even Mintz-Plasse looks uncertain, but with that script in his lap, he probably has the answer.

Either Mother Russia is a big bread fan, or this serrated knife, which Wadlow tweets is a "mother of a knife" is her weapon of choice. Note the spiked knuckles on the handle. Yikes!

And here we have a look at the costumes of Red Mist, Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Big Daddy.

How's that purple wig going to look when Hit Girl's riding this Ducati? According to Wadlow, this is HIt Girl's bike.

His Tweet says, "Guess what color we're gonna paint it?" Purple would be awesome, but given the body count Hit Girl stacked up in the first film, they might actually be better off leaving it red. On a related note, Hit Girl is old enough to be cruising around on a bike, which means she's very mobile and that much more lethal.

"So, you wanna play..."

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