Kick-Ass Is Just A Movie, But These Superheroes Are Real

Has the Kick-Ass trailer inspired you to suit up and make a difference? Well, you’re not the only one. is a community packed with normal people trying to make a difference while in a superhero identity.

Citizen Prime, Crimson Fist and Green Scorpion may dress like our favorite masked avengers, but don’t expect them to go Rorschach on any transgressors. The group takes the concept of the big screen superhero, strips them of their vigilantism and encourages them to make the world a better place through charity work, hospital visits, civic activities and more.

Real Life Superheroes doesn’t condone illegal activities or violence but does promote crime fighting through research and effort. One section of the site provides tons of resources like an America’s Most Wanted widget, link to the Amber Alert Feed and material that can teach you about state laws.

Without checking out the site, you might be getting a giggle out of the Real Life Superheroes’ expense, but once you read the details it’s hard to deny that it’s a pretty novel and noble idea. Don’t expect to see me doing my good deed for the day in a mask and cape, but if it’s what it takes to make philanthropy cool enough for you, go for it!

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.