New Kick-Ass Poster Brings All The Characters Together

If you've been following this site or any other fan-run movie site in the last few months, you're undoubtedly excited about Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of the graphic novel that is reportedly as violent, hilarious and action-heavy as you could possibly imagine. The marketing campaign has been focusing on character posters like this one for a while, but now Hit Girl, Red Mist, Big Daddy and Kick-Ass himself are united at last in a new poster debuted by HitFix.

You can check out a smaller version below, though the full size is probably the only one that reveals the depth of the multicolored blood splatters and the hilarity of Nic Cage in a Batman-esque mask. I could not possibly be more excited about this movie, and really, no matter who you are, you should feel the same way.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend