Is This A Knight Rider Teaser Poster?

Last we heard, the Knight Rider movie was still in the very early planning stages. But AICN has what they claim to be an extremely early promotional poster for the film.

It’s not impossible, studios sometimes release teaser posters for high profile movies before they even have a script, just to get a little buzz going. However if this poster is real, they’ve already settled on a car design, and they’re blowing that load awfully early. Teaser posters rarely give so much away.

Could it be real? Sure, but over the past few weeks AICN has already run several other completely fake Knight Rider pics, and there’s a good chance this could be another one. This looks like a pretty easy photoshop job, so don’t believe it’s anything significant until The Weinstein Company confirms it.

See what may be the first Knight Rider teaser poster below. For a high-res version visit AICN.

Josh Tyler