Knights Of Badassdom Exclusive Clip Plays You A Boozy Power Ballad

NSFW Warning: One F-bomb is muttered in the clip below, but you can take it.

If there are two things that are more fitting together than getting dumped and drinking liquor straight out of the bottle, it’s drinking liquor straight from the bottle and battling an evil succubus. While many films may feature the former, the only recent film where you’ll see a bunch of slightly nerdy people take on an evil succubus is in the comedy horror Knights of Badassdom, the long-delayed sophomore feature from Wrong Turn 2 director Joe Lynch. I feel I may start trying to slay things was an immersion blender if I don’t get my eyeballs on this movie soon.

We were granted the exclusive clip seen above, which features Ryan Kwanten’s non-geeky Joe suffering after getting his heart broken by Beth (Margarita Levieva). We know this because he’s playing a power ballad on guitar, and dudes only play ballads when they’re heartsick, yo. Eric (Steve Zahn) and Hung (Peter Dinklage) try to pick their friend up from his woe-filled slump by telling him he’s better off without her. You can tell Eric is into gaming because he refers to "warlocks" and "levels" in the same sentence. I’m assuming this scene leads into the guys talking Joe into accompanying them to their fully-formed LARP event happening later on. All in all, it’s exactly what I need out of a scene like this. Dinklage, buddies and light exposition.

Would it have been cooler if that picture frame would have exploded when it would have been hit? Sure, but they have to build up to that kind of mayhem, don’t they? What’s nice about this particular brand of lovingly made low-budget film is the set design is nearly always packed with details, and Joe’s room is a buffet of posters, lava lamps and CD stands. It’ll be great to focus on the costume details once everyone is in gear for a while. And this concludes my own adventure into geeking out.

The plot centers on this group of friends whose LARPing quest through the Middle Ages takes a hellish turn once an ancient spirit is accidentally conjured up. The Fields of Evermore become a host to many creatures and demons, and the human players have to find the best of themselves in order to defeat the dark enemy and save the world. Plus a bunch of rad CGI and R-rated heroic humor. It screams "cult movie" in almost every way, down to the kerfuffle over the film cut, but one hopes it becomes so popular and mainstream that the cult label can’t even be applied.

The film will hit VOD on February 11, but first comes its limited theatrical run, for which they’re utilizing TUGG, the service that encourages individual moviegoers to host screenings in their own cities. Head to their Facebook page to see if your city is already on the list. You’ll even get a discount on the Blu-ray or DVD if you attend or host one of the shows.

After you watch the other recent clip below, check out the intriguing Facebook quest game they’re running as a promotion.

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