Apparently, audiences aren’t eager to have their Christmases ruined for them by Krampus, as the festive-horror-comedy made a pretty poor start to its box-office tenure on Thursday night. Krampus only grossed $637,000 over 2,137 theatres on its opening night, with preview screenings in the US starting at 7pm, which has left box office experts to predict that we’re on course for a quiet few days.

Currently, Krampus, which comes from Universal and Legendary, is on course for an intake of between $11 million and $13 million (via Variety). The studios are hoping that it will manage to reach this sum once it’s unleashed on 2,902 theatres across the country.

And while that’s usually regarded as a low sum, the fact that Krampus only cost $15 million to produce means that it should be enough for the film to make a profit before moviegoers start trekking into cinemas to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens in just two weeks time.

Krampus is being released around the rest of the world either today or in the next two weeks. Some territories have decided to wait until January 1st for its release, while France has taken the bizarre step of waiting until May, 2016, to put it into cinemas.

This sum from the Adam Scott and Toni Collette led Krampus isn’t expected to see it take top spot at the box office this week. In fact, it’s thought that Creed, The Good Dinosaur, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 will each record higher numbers than Krampus.

The battle is currently on between Mockingjay 2 and The Good Dinosaur to finish top this weekend, with experts split over whether the Lionsgate or Pixar film will be victorious. Both of these films are on course to score between $23 - $21 million, which would leave Mockingjay 2 with somewhere in the region of $230 million after 17 days, while The Good Dinosaur will have around $85 million in 10 days. Both of which are good numbers that the studios will clink a glass to.

But why has it been such a slow week at the box office? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is merely going to be the calm before the intergalactic storm that will come on December 18th when Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released.

Next week we have the release of Warner Bros.’ In The Heart Of The Sea, which has been projected (via Pro Box Office) for an opening sum of $17 million. But other than that, most studios have paved the way for The Force Awakens to dominate. It’s even believed that the seventh instalment to the beloved sci-fi space opera could smash Jurassic World’s opening weekend worldwide haul of $500 million.

Until then, moviegoers are clearly saving up their pennies and popcorn in anticipation for the film, meaning that your local multiplex probably resembles something of a ghost town right about now.
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