Kristen Bell Talks Potential Veronica Mars Movie

It used to be that actors and directors would stay tight-lipped about spinoffs or sequels until there was a green light. But now that sequels are such hits, and the Internet crawls all over even the slightest bit of info about their favorite shows or movies, actors will drop hints left and right to appease their fans, even if there’s absolutely nothing in the works.

The latest actor to pull this trick is Kristen Bell, who’s doing interviews to promote her upcoming movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Talking to she chatted a lot about her role on the late TV show Veronica Mars, her affection for the part and for series creator Rob Thomas and, yes, rumors of a Veronica Mars movie.

Bell said that Thomas, currently busy on a revamp of Beverly Hills 90210, would have to be the one to decide to do the movie, and he has his hands full at the moment. “He would have to make the decision to start that. But one thing I do know is I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it […] in case it never happens.”

She’s smart to be prepared if the movie doesn’t happen-- Veronica Mars wasn’t exactly the huge TV hit that usually gets a movie, but then again, neither was Firefly. But Bell says she’s totally committed if the movie ever gets off the ground. “As long as [Rob Thomas] knows we'd all be game, I hope one day he does do it, before we get too old.”

She also talks about what she’d expect the movie to be about—think the failed pilot about Veronica in FBI training school—but you’ll have to head over to>Moviehole for that, as well as talk about her role in Sarah Marshall and an extensive breakdown of her Hollywood career. Seriously, Moviehole, you guys are some serious Kristen Bell nuts! Not that any of us can blame you.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend