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This past weekend, a rumor began going around saying that Warner Bros. was looking at The LEGO Movie writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to potentially take the helm of their upcoming DC Comics film The Flash, starring Ezra Miller. It turns out that only part of that story is true, as the filmmakers are now helping develop the script for the movie - but evidently directing the flick isn't off the table just yet.

This news comes to us from Deadline, which has a very specific description regarding exactly how Phil Lord and Chris Miller are currently involved in the making of The Flash. Instead of saying that they have been hired to write the script for the upcoming comic book film, the new report instead says simply that they are currently working on a "treatment for the studio about the superhero." It's unclear at this point whether or not WB will eventually hire them on to write the screenplay; presumably that decision won't be made until after they've turned in their work on the treatment.

At this time, it's also unknown if Lord and Miller might also be chosen as directors for The Flash, but it certainly wouldn't be the most ridiculous choice that Warner Bros. could make. After all, the studio not only has experience working with the filmmakers (they produced and released The LEGO Movie), and the two men do have a good amount of action experience, having made both 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. As a bonus, one might also note that they're already made a film with the Scarlet Speedster in it:

LEGO Movie Flash

Deadline notes that at this point, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have not yet announced their next directing gig - but they do have a large number of writing projects in the works. They are in the midst of shepherding both The LEGO Movie 2 and the upcoming LEGO Batman spin-off, plus they are also helping to develop 23 Jump Street. They also have very significant behind-the-scenes role in the making of the television show The Last Man on Earth keeping them busy as well.

Are you happy that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are helping to develop the Flash movie? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the matter and stay tuned for more updates about the DC project, which Warner Bros. has set for release on March 23, 2018.

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