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Even Angelina Jolie could only play Lara Croft for so long. Despite her ageless good looks and her never ending star power, it was only be a matter of time before Hollywood would be forced to leave her at the side of the road, opting for a younger, sexier, more make-dudes-weak-in-the-knees type girl replace her.

Such is the case now, as Producer Dan Lin recently discussed with About.com his plans to reboot Lara Croft’s popular franchise, Tomb Raider. Lin, producer of such reboots as Terminator Salvation and Sherlock Holmes, said that he wanted to go for more of a character-based narrative with the new Croft movies, stating, “For me, the Lara Croft games and movies have gone a little too action oriented. I wanted to have action but with character.”

The new movie will be an origin story for Croft, meaning a younger actress would be necessary. Now I’ve never more than passively played the Tomb Raider games, but from what I can remember, they weren’t exactly heavily layered character stories, so it leads me to ask: why even call the movie a Tomb Raider story? Why not just create an awesome new female action star, considering there are so many in movies these days? Oh because you already paid for the rights to Tomb Raider so you should probably use them? Fine.