Latest Kick-Ass 2 Set Photo Shows Us Hit-Girl's Newly Painted Ride

Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow has been generously Tweeting photos from the set of the film. Earlier this month, he showed us Hit-Girl's vehicle, and at that time, it had not been painted. But Wadlow challenged his followers to guess what color it would be. The latest photo to be Tweeted by the director answers that not-entirely-difficult riddle. Spoiler alert: Those who guessed "really purple" were right!

Production has begun on Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, and Wadlow has continued to Tweet photos from the set, some more exciting than others. When he showed us the red Ducati, I was hoping he'd eventually give us a look at Hit-Girl's bike once it was updated to match her look. And it appears we didn't have to wait long for it. Based on the photo he tweeted yesterday, not only has the bike presumably received its planned paint job, but it's also decorated with Hit-Girl's initials.

"The rubber meets the road," Wadlow Tweets.

Purple definitely suits Hit-Girl well, given her costume, though I still maintain that red is a fitting color for her, given how willing she is to get blood on her hands. I also love the cutesy-pink background behind her initials. The H.G. seems as much a warning as it is a decoration. I pity anyone who thinks it's a good idea to mess with Hit-Girl's bike.

Now that we've seen it in purple, next on the wish list is getting a look at Chloe Moretz, in costume as Hit-Girl, riding around on that thing. We may have to wait a while for that, but it's good to see things are moving along for the project! You can follow Wadlow's Twitter @JeffWadlow to keep up with his photos and updates as he Tweets them.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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