It used to be that comic book fans carried the torch as the most irrationally obsessed group buying tickets to the movies. This weekend there's no denying that torch will be officially passed. The latest Twilight installment hasn't even hit screens yet and it's already breaking records.

Audiences are so frantic to be the first to see the film that theaters are scrambling to meet demand. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is opening at midnight in over 4,400 theaters, topping previous record holder Iron Man 2's 4,380 theaters earlier this summer.

But, volume isn't enough for fans of one of the most out of control phenomenon in entertainment history. Hollywood Reporter is indicating that some theaters are adding new 3 AM screenings to accommodate hordes of fans that can't fit into the midnight showings.

The last Twilight movie, New Moon, broke the record for biggest opening day total to the tune of $72 million. At this rate Eclipse is well on its way to topping that total.

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