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Anyone keeping track of Tom Hooper’s most recent award-winning film, Les Miserables, knows the movie is extraordinarily detailed, from its massive set pieces to the live singing that was accomplished while shooting. Les Miserables will hit Blu-ray and DVD on March 22 and, to celebrate, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has put together a collection of behind-the-scenes bonus features that look at what the cast and crew accomplished on set.

The first clip is called “Oddest Vocal Warm-ups,” and fittingly uncovers everything from actress Samantha Barks’ weird meowing habits to actor Russell Crowe attempting to hit the high notes. If you’ve ever been part of a musical production from the high school level on up, you’ve probably seen some of these weird warm-up shenanigans before, but it’s still worth a watch to see some bigger names looking a little goofy as they warm up, sometimes for an hour or more.

The second clip is an even cooler behind-the-scenes clip that explains how historically barricades were created and how the barricade in Les Miserables was actually put together in real time by a bunch of the extras and the cast. It’s actually a pretty cool shot and hearing from key crew members in this one makes it a little more interesting.

The Les Miserables set comes with a slew of extras and should be a pretty interesting set for those who are curious about the film and avid fans alike.