LexCorp Continues To Tease An Uncertain, Evil Future In The Wake Of Batman V Superman

Despite their CEO, Lex Luthor, being locked away for an undetermined amount of time, in a facility that looks like it redefines maximum security, LexCorp Industries soldier's on! With their recent efforts to head off the negative PR campaign spurred by their leader's involvement with the further destruction of Metropolis, and the death of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the company is trying to adjust their gaze past the present and straight into the future. 2017's going to be an interesting year, if the official LexCorp post below has anything to say about it.

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Now this latest Instagram post matches the tone of the previous Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice inspired offering, which apologized for and disassociated the company with Jesse Eisenberg's villainous deeds. At the same time, it promises "something big" for the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, specifically something that will occur in 2017. Seeing as the Wonder Woman film is obviously out of the question, considering that takes place during/around World War I, this has to be a blatant plug for Justice League: Part One. If true, then this is where the true fun begins.

If LexCorp is working on something big, it's more than likely connected to the being that Lex Luthor saw in the deleted scene of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The popular bet is that it's Darkseid, but whoever that being is, Luthor is obviously going to try and summon them to make Earth its new living room, and conquer the burgeoning heroes he found himself on the wrong end of in the process. Which means that the random fan theories in the comments of the Instagram page may be right, and supercomputer Brainiac may be in play for the events of Justice League: Part One. This is both exciting and frightening, as Brainiac is one of the best known villains in the Superman canon, but its presence in the new Justice League movie threatens to overload the film's capacity for villainy.

It's possible that Justice League: Part One could re-write Brainiac's origins yet again, and have its existence credited to something Lex Luthor and his best minds may have found on the Kryptonian ship that was under the dome in Heroes' Park during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With a version of the evil supercomputer's origin story placing him right on Krypton during the destruction, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to see Brainiac hiding in plain sight, waiting for the right moment to spring forth and wreck havoc. Of course, the most interesting part about all of this talk is the fact that LexCorp seems to be on board for the events of Justice League: Part One, which means that to a certain extent, Lex Luthor may serve as one of the film's villains himself.

While Jesse Eisenberg had made a statement last week stating that he didn't know where his character was going, this could be a covert way that Warner Bros is telling the world that Justice League: Part One will indeed see the return of the iconic billionaire brat. Though it's far from an official synopsis placing Luthor in the room with Darkseid and/or Brainiac, it's enough of a tease for us to consider, especially when coming from an official source. One thing that's for certain is that much like the U.S. government, we'll be keeping a close eye on LexCorp's developments as they happen, looking for a clue as to what they could possibly be up to this time at bat.

Justice League: Part One crushes evil on November 17, 2017.

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