A Deleted Batman V Superman Scene Shows A Darkseid Hint And Lex Luthor's Arrest, Watch It Now

The following will contain discussion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that may include spoilers. You have been warned.

And here we thought we’d have to wait a few months for the DVD release to see any of the extra footage. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has only been in theaters for a few days, but Warner Bros. has already released one scene that appears nowhere in the film. It appears that Lex Luthor wasn’t quite done with the Kryptonian ship after he created Doomsday. This sequence shows Luthor’s arrest, along with something big and scary, that’s holding something else big and scary. Check it out.

A SWAT team is entering the Kryptonian ship looking for Lex Luthor as the scene begins. They find Luthor having what appears to a psychic conversation with some sort of demon, who is holding (presenting?) three identical cubes before him. While the monstrous thing isn’t immediately recognizable as something we should know, we can still make some educated assumptions about what we’re looking at. Everything that we know about the eventual big bad of the Justice League movies appears to be setting up Darkseid as the villain, and this certainly seems to confirm that. The planet that Darkseid hails from is called Apokolips, and it is essentially the hell of the DC universe. Whatever that creature is, it certainly looks like a resident of hell.

If we assume that Lex Luthor is communing with something from Apokolips, then we can also make an assumption that the cubes the creature is holding could be something called Mother Boxes. Those are devices of great power, which are created by the residents of Apokolips. Mother Boxes are capable of a number of things, one of which is opening portals between dimensions, which could be the way Darkseid comes through into the universe of the DC heroes.

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This scene could very well answer one of our bigger questions following the conclusion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but it also creates a couple more. We wondered how Lex Luthor would know that Darkseid was a threat to earth based on the information from the Kryptonian ship, which we assumed was only historical. Now, we may have our answer, as it appears Luthor was able to use the ship to communicate with other creatures. Although, now we just want to know why somebody who apparently hates aliens so much would do that.

Whether you liked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or not, one thing that’s for certain is that it will be a film that will have us talking for months. If they keep releasing new scenes like this, we could be talking about the DC cinematic universe continuously until Suicide Squad hits in August.

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