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I think we all saw this coming. It doesn’t look like Liev Schreiber will make it into Wolverine 2. The next Wolverine movie is slated to head to Japan, loosely following a story laid out for the character in the comics in which Wolverine and gets all samurai. Normally where there’s Wolverine there’s Sabretooth, but talking to the press today Liev, who played villainous nemesis Sabretooh in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, revealed that may not be true this time.

At today's press conference for Repo Men, Schreiber told us everything he knew about the next film thanks to his dinner date from last night:
I just had dinner with Hugh [Jackman] last night, who has just read the first draft of the script and he's really excited about it. It's still not clear whether or not Victor will be present in the Japan storyline. In the Japan storyline as I remember it from the Wolverine comics, Victor was not there. So I don't know. Of course I'm crossing my fingers. I love the character so much, to have the chance to do it again would be a lot of fun. But I'm not sure.
Unless they shoehorn in a flashback or some sort of foreshadowing, it looks like Victor won't make it. But that’s alright. Do we really need more Sabretooth anyway? The character’s already been in two X-Men movies, both the first X-Men played by Tyler Mane and X-Men Origins played by Schreiber. I’d rather see Wolverine fight Silver Samurai.

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