Look At All Of These Amazing Gadgets James Bond Almost Got To Play With In Spectre

Spectre amped up the new incarnation of the James Bond franchise by finally showing us some of the cool gadgets that the series was frequently known for. The main, although brief, focus of these gadgets in the film was the flamethrowing Aston Martin that allowed Bond to get away from Mr. Hinx. But, a closer look at Q’s workshop gives us some idea of what else the movie could have had in store for us.


The Yahoo Movies UK site has some behind the scenes Spectre footage that shows off some of the toys we didn’t get to see. So, let’s start with the big guns, literally. These babies are installed in the hood of everyone’s favorite flaming Aston Martin. It’s too bad for us that Mr. Hinx never got in front of James Bond during that car chase, or else we could have seen him blow several large holes into Hinx and have to fight someone else on that train. Not being able to see these machine guns in action seems like a huge loss. Explosions are all good and well, and we know how far Spectre went to give audiences a massive explosion, but sometimes some shootin’ is what’s needed.


Man, that harpoon is a nasty piece of business. We all know what you’re supposed to do with a harpoon, but you know that wouldn’t have been what James Bond did with it. He would have shot it out, speared the side of a building and used it to clothesline a guy. Or, really, the most realistic use would have been to just spear a bad guy with it. It would be kind of hard to fit inside a tailored suit, though, so the conditions for using it would have had to be rather specific.


Is it just me, or is that the largest grappling hook ever created? I mean, really, look at the size of that thing. Can’t you just see James Bond shooting it up over a cable car line, holding on for dear life and ziplining to safety. Of course, considering the general heft involved with this particular grappling hook, Bond could easily wield it as a club, use the (substantial) line to choke a whole room full of baddies or just plain hooking somebody in the face. I hear that always works.

Well, whether they get Daniel Craig to take another run at James Bond or not, we can at least, hopefully, look forward to some of this renewed interest in cool gadgetry adding to the fun. You can take a look at the full video below.

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