Louis C.K. Is Finally Directing A New Movie, Get The Details

Louis C.K. famously had an extremely tough time behind the scenes when trying to make his directorial debut with Pootie Tang back in 2001, but evidently enough time has passed that the famed comedian is ready to try and make a feature once again. New reports are coming in that the filmmaker is now preparing to make his second film - I'm A Cop - which will be an indie that he will star in as well as direct and produce.

News of this project comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter, which doesn't seem to have a time frame for production, but does offer an interesting plot synopsis. In the movie, Louis C.K. will star as a depressed volunteer policeman who has spent his adult life "living in the shadow of his mother, a highly decorated retired officer." This all changes, however, when she dies, and C.K.'s character feels compelled to try and becoming a real police officer - despite never actually having any passion for the work.

Louis C.K.'s experience making Pootie Tang was a rather tough time for the famous stand-up comedian, as Paramount actually took him off the film during post-production. Of course, that was a long time ago, and things have definitely changed for C.K. in that time. Not only does he have his own series on FX - Louie - that he has complete creative control over, but in recent years he has also had the chance to work with great filmmakers like Woody Allen and David O. Russell on award-winning films like Blue Jasmine and American Hustle, respectively. In addition to having a lot more clout than he did 14 years ago, Louis C.K. will also have a lot more power with I'm A Cop simply by not going through the studio system.

Knowing Louis CK's style and sensibilities, this project should definitely be fascinating. The guy has always found a magic balance between hilarious and utterly depressing, and this material looks like it could be a perfect medium for that special tone. Let's not forget that this is a movie pitch that he tossed out on an episode of Louie:

In addition to Louis C.K., famed Academy Award-winning producer Scott Rudin is also involved with I'm A Cop, which is a pretty great support system for C.K. to have. Hopefully we'll have more updates on this project in the near future, so stay tuned!

Eric Eisenberg
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