Louis Leterrier Planning A Zero-Gravity Disaster Movie

Louis Leterrier may have made a smart decision by walking away from the Clash of the Titans sequel after the first one turned out so disastrously, but you'll know he's a genius when you hear what he's got planned next. According to Pajiba, Leterrier is eyeing a project called Gravity, which is not the one Alfonso Cuaron and Robert Downey Jr. are trying to make. It's way, way crazier than that.

In Leterrier's Gravity, the earth has stopped spinning, and instead of being immediately torched by the sun or otherwise falling apart, the entire planet just falls into a state of zero-gravity. A father then must hunt for his lost child, and presumably avoid all the other crazy stuff that starts floating in the air. Really, I just assume that Roland Emmerich is pissed he didn't think of this idea first. It sounds expensive and ludicrous and exactly the kind of thing Emmerich would love.

The film is in production with the Mark Gordon Company and Universal, though Pajiba doesn't seem to know when it will actually surface. If you've got an appetite for disaster movies like I do, it can't come soon enough.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend