While I can’t be certain, I think 1994’s Interview With the Vampire was the last time I watched a vampire movie and actually felt anything resembling real emotions for the characters on screen. (They were a 12-year-old’s emotions at the time, but I still like the flick.) That may all change with Only Lovers Left Alive, the first horror movie to make its way into director Jim Jarmusch’s offbeat filmography. The bloodthirstly love story premiered at Cannes last year and will also be screening at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival ahead of its domestic theatrical debut later this year. The French will be seeing it a little earlier than we will, thus the above French trailer was released. Boy, is it an intriguing one, and not just because Tilda Swinton is occasionally whiter than the background of Google's homepage.

What I love about a trailer like this, and potentially the film in general, is that it fills its two-minute runtime with gorgeous shots and interesting details, all while relaying the general gist of the story being told. It also doesn’t feel like they’ve given everything away, unlike the comedies That deliver their best jokes onto audiences months before they see the movie in a theater. Aside from that, there’s a ton of other shit to love, too.

The film centers on the centuries old love affair between Eve (Swinton) and moody musician Adam (Tom Hiddleston), a pair of vampires living on opposite sides of the globe; he’s in Detroit while she’s in Tangiers. If you’re wondering, yes, their names are in reference to those of Biblical times, though I’m not sure how that timeline works out.

These are neither the glittery vamps of Twlight nor the vicious ones that exist everywhere outside of Twilight. They are clinically smart and appreciative of all the arts and the world they live in. Instead of murdering for their blood, they get their fix from a hospital’s transfusion unit. The two lovers reunite after Adam turns existential and suicidal - ordering a wooden bullet - but things get even more complicated once Eve’s sister (Mia Wasikowska) drinks someone dry. The film also stars Anton Yelchin and John Hurt, who plays the famous 16th century poet Christopher Marlowe. Jarmusch is an eccentric guy, right?

Full of mood, atmosphere and gorgeous cinematography, especially the full frontal shots of everyone with blood in their mouths, this trailer (via Deadline) evokes Let the Right One In in spirit, but with adults instead of children. Plus, it calls Jarmusch the director of Ghost Dog, which is never how I think of him. Our own Kristy liked the film quite a bit when she saw it at last year’s New York Film Festival, and I’m pretty confident I’m going to share that opinion. Too many smart people are involved for this to just be so-so.

Only Lovers Left Alive, which reportedly took Jarmusch seven years to find backing for, will be out in the U.S. on April 11th, but French audiences can find it on February 19th. Check out one of the earlier trailers below, and remember to wipe the blood off of your chin when you’re done.

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