MPAA Overturns Blue Valentine NC 17 Rating

Back in October the movie world was flummoxed when the film Blue Valentine was slapped by the MPAA with an NC-17 rating. Providing further proof that the organization is more offended by sexual content than extreme violence, people were left wondering why people under the age of 17 accompanied by a parent could watch horrific scenes of torture in the Saw movies but not a sex scene in a hotel. Apparently the group couldn't hold up against media pressure, though, because they have now folded.

Deadline reports that following an appeal by Harvey Weinstein himself - he usually just sends his lawyers - Blue Valentine will be released to theaters with an R rating. According to the report, the vote to overturn the initial rating was anonymous. Had it not been overturned, the film, directed by Derek Cianfrance and starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, would have had a hard time getting access to theaters, as most major movie chains don't show NC-17 films.

Let's hope that this capitulation is a sign of better things to come. Having seen the film in question personally, I can report that its content, while certainly intense, is no more graphic than anything we typically see in R-rated films. Let's hope that this will start a movement that will get the group to finally take a look at its ridiculous standards and update them to actual make sense in today's world. Given the MPAA's track record I'm not exactly going to be holding my breath, but I am willing to cross a couple fingers.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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