Machete Kills Poster Trades Sofia Vergara's Lethal Bra For Whips

Machete Kills

Based on the number of times Robert Rodriguez has used Sofia Vergara and her explosive breasts as a marketing tool for his upcoming sequel, Machete Kills, I’m half expecting the ENTIRE movie to be about her character, Madame Desdemona. I mean, she’s destined to at least get her own spinoff movie after the new Machete movie, right? She has been everywhere, firing bullets out of that massive bra. Today, we get a new variation of Desdamona taking aim at … something. It has been shared with us via ComingSoon.

From the look at the above image, Desdamona doesn’t only rely on underwear guns. She brandishes whips like weapons, meaning Machete (Danny Trejo) might be in trouble … if he can take his eyes off of the beauties Rodriguez is packing into his sequel.

Earlier, we had a one-sheet of Michelle Rodriguez’s character, She. And the cast also includes Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard and Alexa Vega. Hotness. But I hope that we’re not going to be gender exclusive when it comes to these character posters, because Rodriguez has a stellar male cast, as well. Trejo will be joined by Charlie Sheen (playing the U.S. President), Antonio Banderas, William Sadler, Cuba Gooding Jr., Demian Bichir and Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson!! I mean, so far, Vergara has had 5,000 posters, and Gibson can’t get one? Soon, I hope.

Machete Kills will be opening in theaters on Sept. 13. The first movie was a guilty genre pleasure, and we’re expecting Rodriguez and Trejo to up the ante this time around. Here's the old Vergara poster, with bullets in place of whips. Enjoy!

Machete Kills 2

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