Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Dives Into The Legacy Of The Franchise

This May, Warner Bros is ready to crank the engine on the first Mad Max picture in 30 years. With a new lead, a new audience, and the same old genius/madman in George Miller behind the camera, it looks like things are about to get interesting all over again with Mad Max: Fury Road. Yet to appreciate where we're going, we must first know where we've been – and to that effect, the following Legacy Trailer has been provided below for your enjoyment.

Warner Bros UK shared this look back at the three preceding films, thus confirming that the series should exist as a whole and not a fractured continuity. One would suspect that while the insane visuals and over the top musical stylings of the previous Mad Max: Fury Road trailers would be enough for the majority of moviegoers who aren't familiar with the series' rich, 34 year history. But, of course, hard core fans of the Road Warrior himself are going to need to come to the table as well, and this trailer seems to have enough meat on its bones to lure those old faithfuls into the cinemas – as well as to patch over the fact that we have Tom Hardy as the new face of Mad Max himself.

What's particularly awesome about the Mad Max: Fury Road legacy trailer is the fact that when put side-by-side with the original trilogy footage, there's no real difference in the visual language of the Mad Max legacy. Looking at the well-restored footage from Mad Max, The Road Warrior, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is cause enough for celebration, as the Mel Gibson classics are still well regarded by genre fans to this day. But having them play right before the new look at Mad Max: Fury Road reminds us that this isn't a brave new world we're venturing into, at least not all of us. For some of us, it's just a lovely day back amongst the fiends and friends of the desert wastes we called society.

The legacy trailer to Mad Max: Fury Road hedges the bets for the franchise, and it's a good thing too because in a summer as competitive as this one, it'll need all the help it can get. Considering this film was already supposed to have been in theater and on home video by now, with its genesis occurring quite some time ago, a lot of setback have put Mad Max: Fury Road on a long and winding path to get to where it is today. Looking back on the history of Max Max's path of carnage and justice, while keeping the future in the peripherals, is providing a favorable picture for the future of Mad Max Rockatansky.

Mad Max: Fury Road races into the hearts and minds of the world on May 15th.

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