When last we saw Max Rockatansky, he had saved a plane full of children, played a smashing game of chicken with the fierce Ironbar Bassey, and was left wandering the desert for parts unknown. He also looked a lot like Mel Gibson. But a lot has changed in the 30 years (!!) since Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome came out in 1985. Will audiences still care for this "raggedy man" hero with a taste for motor mayhem?

We are about to find out, as Warner Bros. gets back into the Mad Max business this summer. Mad Max: Fury Road continues the story of Max Rockatansky with several new faces and one very important old one: George Miller, who directs the sequel to his hard-hitting trilogy of hits after decades of rocky pre-production. Whet your whistle for the upcoming Mad Max movie with this explosive trailer:

And then sink your teeth into our comprehensive guide to the road that will take you back to Mad Max, a road that goes by the name of Fury. This is the What We Know So Far guide to Mad Max: Fury Road, which hits theaters on May 15.

George Miller
The Director
Depending on your age, you either know George Miller as the mastermind behind the three Mad Max movies, or the family-friendly director who helmed two animated Happy Feet movies and the eccentric sequel Babe: Pig In City. Miller’s a distinct taste, a fantastic filmmaker who’s capable of switching gears – no pun intended – from the auto-based carnage of the Mad Max series to the musical glories of the toe-tapping penguin movies. And Miller, to his credit, has remained Max’s champion for years, enduring close to three decades of starts, stops and stalls as he scratched and clawed to get a fourth Mad Max movie back in theaters. It’s fitting that Max will return a nice, round 30 years after the hero concluded Beyond Thunderdome, and that it is George Miller – and not some upstart young filmmaker who grew up on Max movies – at the helm.

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