Tyler Perry movies, which are guaranteed to bring in huge audiences no matter when they come out, typically stick to the deader times of the release calendar-- 5 of them have been released in February, with a few more in later spring and early fall, when summer movie season is no longer happening and prestige season hasn't quite begun. But this year Tyler Perry is going head to head with the heavyweights of summer, releasing Madea's Witness Protection on June 29, which features one of the oddest lineups of new releases imaginable. Opposite Madea moviegoers also have the option of catching the new G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie Magic Mike, the family drama People Like Us, or the acclaimed indies Beasts of the Southern Wild and Take This Waltz.

You probably already know by now if you're a Perry fan or not, but if you need convincing about Madea's Witness Protection, take a look at the new trailer that just debuted at Apple. You can watch it there in HD or embedded below.

While this isn't the first time a large group of well-known white actors has joined Perry's more familiar crew-- in The Family That Preys, his Madea went toe-to-toe with Kathy Bates-- this might be the strangest combination. I still can't figure out how Denise Richards fits into the story, or if Eugene Levy is going to be doing his usual great comedic stuff or overshadowed by the brassy Madea and her usual schtick. As someone who occasionally finds myself enjoying Tyler Perry's move more than I expect-- stupid humor can always get you if you're in the right mood-- I might be ready to find out when the movie opens this summer. And if you've never actually seen one of his movies, assuming they're not for you, you at least owe yourself the chance to try. Perry is one of the biggest names in entertainment today, and you can't opt out of his material if you don't really know what it is to begin with.

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