Last summer, while I was visiting relatives in Pittsburgh, two high-profiles films had set up shots in the blue-collar city’s streets. One, titled Won’t Back Down, starred Oscar nominees Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis – at the time, riding pre-Oscar buzz for The Help -- in an inspirational story of two mothers fighting insurmountable odds to better the performances of children in an inner-city school system.

The other was called The Dark Knight Rises. Can you guess which one earned more attention? Yet, now that the world is up to speed with the comings and goings of Bane, Catwoman and the Batman, maybe they’ll take a moment to check out the first trailer for Won’t Back Down, because it looks pretty good:

It’s hard not to want to support strong actresses like Gyllanhaal and Davis as they form a bond in support of underserved kids. I also love the use of Angels and Airwaves’ inspirational guitar rock, a very nice touch by director Daniel Barnz (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Brin Hill). The trailer claims Won’t Back Down is inspired by true events, and that’s easy to believe. I’m sure this type of neglect and poor teaching happens in every city in America. But not everyone stands up for what’s right and fights back.

Oh, and Holly Hunter co-stars, so I’m officially in.

Won’t Back Down is the type of underdog drama that people look for coming out of the throes of the empty spectacle of the summer season. 20th Century Fox has programmed it for Sept. 28, right as kids are getting settled in their classrooms once again. Very smart. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know below.

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