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The Web site iCollector sells props from movie sets to film aficionados. Items from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel are about to go up, and a little digging into each description reveals a few mysterious clues into what we might be able to expect from this summer’s origin story. These are very spoilery, so stay far away if you do not want to know more about the Superman movie.

Still with us? ComicBook.com gets credit for finding this information. Apparently a number of props used by Amy Adams on the set – she plays Lois Lane in Snyder’s new vision – are being auctioned off. These items include: A pack of 10 pencils; one box of push pins with tape that says ‘Lois Apt;’ a small size ‘Thank you’ card; an Ace ‘Rent-a-Car’ receipt; and a faux diamond wedding ring. Now, why would intrepid reporter Lois Lane need a wedding ring? Will Snyder go the route of Bryan Singer, who had Lois married to a Metropolis stiff (James Marsden) because she couldn’t be with the man (of steel) she loved?

Elsewhere in the auction are items that reportedly were used “in Smallville during the fight scene between Superman (Henry Cavill) and the female villain Faora (Antje Traue), rumored to be General Zod’s underling.” A previous story on the soundtrack for Man of Steel referenced a Smallville battle, but we still don’t know whether this will take place during the earlier origin parts of the movie – with young Clark Kent fighting Faora – or if older Superman returns to Smallville and finds new dangers.

Either way, we can anticipate a few major action set pieces in Man of Steel … and maybe a wedding? Snyder has done a pretty good job keeping this movie under wraps for now, but expect plenty more as we get closer to the movie’s June 14 release date.