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Man Of Steel Sequel Gets Fast Tracked, With Zack Snyder And David Goyer Returning

Well, it was really only a matter of time before this news crossed our desk. Even though Man of Steel isn't set to open until Friday, positive buzz and a swell of anticipation amongst movie-goers has led Warner Bros. to officially green light a sequel to the Superman film, with Zack Snyder attached to return as director and David Goyer once again working on the script.

In their report breaking the news, Deadline notes that one of the immediate questions surrounding the newly announced sequel is the involvement of Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Rises director not only served as a producer on the most recent Superman movie, but also helped co-developed the story and the approach to the character with Goyer. He is currently working on his own next directorial effort, the sci-fi story Interstellar, but sources say that he will be involved with the sequel - just not in a "full blown" capacity.

Deadline also once again confirms that Warner Bros. has plans for a Justice League movie that will feature Superman as a character, but fails to deliver any more details than that. Since last summer we've been under the impression that the studio has been developing their answer to The Avengers for a 2015 release date, but if they are planning to move forward with Man of Steel 2 (or whatever they call it) first, then that could push Justice League back a bit. With any luck the whole situation will clear up once Man of Steel has been released.

UPDATE: Deadline has updated their story and now says that Goyer has a three-picture deal with Warner Bros. that will see him not only be writing the Man of Steel sequel, but also Justice League. This somewhat conflicts with reports from last year that said that Gangster Squad writer was penning the script, but perhaps the deal was changed when it was reported that Beall's script had been scrapped.

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