Man Of Steel Set Photos Reveal Details Of The New Suit

Let's be honest here: the first official image from Zack Snyder's Man of Steel kind of sucked. It's not so much about the costume as it is about the image itself. While the picture was supposed to give fans their first look at the new Superman, the low lighting, the crouched position, and the busy background make it look like they are actually trying to hide more than they reveal. Hell, we couldn't even figure out if he was wearing red shorts until weeks later (he's not). Now, finally, some close-up, well-lit shots from the set featuring star Henry Cavill have popped up online and give us a pretty solid 360 degree view of the new suit.

The images were collected by Superhero Hype readers Kal-El.9859 and wacots. Check out a few of the images below and head over to the site for the rest:


As you can see, the fabric actually has a lot of pronounced texture to it, much more than we saw on Christopher Reeves' suit and even more than what was on Brandon Routh's. The costume also has some silver and gold flair running up and down the side of the suit that helps give it a more alien look (you won't be able to see it when he has the cape on, but they also cover a good portion of his back. It also looks like the cuffs around the wrists are made of a different material and the texture of the boots makes them look like they are all one-piece. While it does appear to be a more modern design, it does differ quite a bit from the Superman suit in the DC reboot.

Shots have been coming online quite a lot recently, so be sure to keep coming back for more.

Eric Eisenberg
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