Man Sues AMC Movie Theater Over High Cost Of Snacks

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I can’t imagine there are many movie-goers out there who think the price of snacks at the concession stand are remotely reasonable. Sure, we’re all probably used to shelling out what could amount to more than the cost of a movie ticket for popcorn and a soda, but “reasonable” doesn’t seem like an adjective fitting to the cost. While skipping the concession stand is the obvious way to avoid being ripped off, a man in Michigan is taking the issue to court.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a 20-something named Joshua Thompson has filed a class action suit against his local AMC theater in Wayne County Circuit Court with the hopes of making theaters across the state lower their snack prices.

?The article mentions Thompson’s experience with snacks and movies, which may sound familiar to those who go to the theater somewhat regularly...

But Thompson said in his lawsuit that he used to take his own pop and candy to the AMC in Livonia until the theater posted a sign banning the practice.On Dec. 26, he paid $8 for a Coke and a package of Goobers chocolate-covered peanuts at the Livonia theater -- nearly three times the $2.73 he paid for the same items at a nearby fast-food restaurant and drug store, the suit said.

While the article states that “consumer experts” say the case will likely be dismissed, it certainly raises an issue many movie-goers have had for a long time. Many theaters discourage or outright refuse to allow people to bring in their own refreshments, then raise the price of the snacks at the concession stand to an unreasonable amount.

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve griped about the cost of going to see a movie in the theater these days, but the concession issue is definitely high on my list of complaints, especially because the last couple of times I’ve gone to the theater, I’ve had an unsatisfying snack experience. For what theaters charge for it, the popcorn shouldn't be stale. Skipping the snacks is always an option, but for many, some popcorn and a fountain soda is part of the experience of seeing a movie in the theater. Everything has its price, but when the price gets too high, the experience begins to lose its luster.

What do you think? Is the issue worth a lawsuit? Do you agree with Thompson and hope the suit makes a difference?

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